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    What started out in the 10th grade as a project for my biology class has turned into a career that has allowed me to travel the world and make a living doing something I totally love. As a graduate of the famous Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, Calif John has a carefully honed understanding of light and how it can flatter a subject. Starting initially with Commercial /Advertising assignments John later moved into Weddings and Family Portraits. When asked what he is about he simply said "My passion and desire is to make people look their best and yet allow them to be themselves. My career in photography has allowed me to meet people of all walks of life and experience so many awesome things. We are all so different yet so much the same"!

Aloha and what a cool sunset we had last night.  I took a break from y office work just in time to see this sunset from my lanai.  The cloud reminded me of a wave with the white water a washed in red tones.  Happy Tuesday and Aloha-


Cloud Wave Sunset

Aloha Everyone … It’s another beautiful day in paradise.  The Klemm families were recently here on Maui from California.  To say the least, we had a fun filled morning of family pictures.  Alden’s dad was in charge of entertainment and managed to keep Emma, his granddaughter, at her best.  Enjoy this selection of images …

Klemm_014RTklemm_0019klemm_0034klemm_0045klemm_0153klemm_0159 copyklemm_0166RTklemm_0146klemm_0227klemm_0190klemm_0218klemm_0243RTklemm_0253klemm_0247klemm_0249klemm_0281RTklemm_0297Aklemm_0330RTklemm_0331Klemm_310R

Aloha everyone out there…especially those who are looking for a Maui Wedding Photographer.  Pamela & Robert recently tied the knot at one of Kaanapali’s best resorts- Westin Maui Resort & Spa.  It was a beautiful afternoon and a very cheerful group of people from New Mexico.  Below is a small taste of their wedding as well as a few of them enjoying their day.  Enjoy and Happy March to all!molina_0281molina_0008molina_0016molina_0035molina_0189molina_0220molina_0227molina_0248

Love this image (yes, I added in the moon).  Notice the couple in the middle gazing lovingly into each others eyes while waiting to see the sunrise.  I wonder if he is proposing?  It’s always so quite and peaceful on the summit which really helps you understand the love the Hawaiians feel for this land.  If you decide to go experience as sunrise remember it’s going to be around 30 degrees up there (10,000 ft elevation) that early in the day!Sunrise Haleakala_blog