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    What started out as a 10th grade school project for biology class has turned into a career that has allowed John to travel the world and make a living doing something he loves. As a graduate of the famous Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, Calif., John has a delicate focus and understanding of light and how it can flatter a subject. Initially starting his career doing Commercial /Advertising assignments, John later moved into Weddings and Family Portraits. When asked what he is most passionate about he simply said, "My passion and desire is to make people look their best while allowing them to be themselves. My career in photography has given me the opportunity to meet people of all walks of life and have so many memorable experiences. We are all so different, yet so much the same!"

Aloha Everyone,

The Anderson’s, a very casual family, were recently on Maui enjoying all that Maui has to offer. They topped off their stay with a Maui family portrait session with John Pierre’s. We went to this really cool beach and while we were doing our images meet some of the colorful local people that can frequent this beach. What a hoot they were…this is one for the memory books and we all had so much fun. Below are a few of the many images taken that morning.

Aloha and Happy July to everyone. My daughter was back on Maui recently, getting time off from her new job for Father’s Day. She flew in from San Diego area and we had the best 10 days. It had been a while so we decided to take a couple of  Maui Road trips. We hiked a portion of the Halemau’u trail near the summit of Haleakala and watched a world class sunset. Luckily we made it down to Kula just in time and had dinner at Kula Lodge. Then, on Father’s Day, we went to Hana and did the Waimoku Falls trail hike at Kipahulu park. Below are a bunch of images I wanted to share of our Maui fun.

Tracy’s spirit joins us on our hike 🙂 That rainbow had to be her!

It was really cool how the cloud cover magically started to move out and off the summit and you could get a feel for how big this crater is.

You really do feel like you are on top of the world and it is so quiet and peaceful on the trail.


We arrived at Haleakala summit just in time for sunset.  I’d say this couple has the best seat in the house! Yes, it is cold up top…


The air is thinner at 10,000 ft so it’s good to stop and catch a good lung full of air. My daughter has a great smile and is all warm and cozy in her moms favorite coat.

the look inside the crater is so ethereal. Love the shadow of the summit on the clouds caused by the sun angle.


Colors are amazing.

My new Facebook image of me and yes it is cold!


The light and clouds were over the top on this night. Another couple enjoying natures beauty.

The last moment of our sunset that night.

Colors and clouds were to die for. Love it!

The road to Hana has this cool look out over Wailua and the sleepy little town.

Most all the falls were flowing well as we’d had a good rain.

This is the Bamboo forest portion of the trail to Waimoku falls. I love the sound of the bamboo knocking together, as the wind blows, while you are walking along.

Waimoku Falls is really a must see!

Aloha Everyone and thank you for following my posts …Yup, I’m bad as it has been a bite since my last post. Recently Jeff, Lyndsay, and Kennedy were back on Maui and this time they we accompanied by Jeff’s parents and his Grandfather. It was so awesome to see 4 generations all here enjoying Maui. Below are just a few of the many amazing images, captured from little Kennedy’s point of view, on another beautiful day in paradise.

Four Generations

Three Generations

I love Grandma and Grandpa

Great Grandpa is the best!!

Taking a little morning stroll with Grandpa and Grandma

I love my daddy so much!!

Amazed by the ocean and its waves

The view from up in the clouds

I love my mom the most!

Being silly with mom and dad

I think tree climbing is easy!

Yup, I can be bribed with candy treats!

Cleaning sand off my fingers-Thanks Dad!



I love these mages and what the eyes say to you! Sometime they are covered, but you can still tell what they are saying about their Maui Wedding Day.  Fell free to contact me with any questions as I am happy to help, and a giant Mahalo for checking my blog out!


Aloha from Maui,

I had the sweatiest couple last weekend that chose to have a morning wedding. The colors of the ocean at that time of day are always so vivid, and we were blessed with lighter winds. After their wedding vows they went off and had a awesome breakfast, plus enjoyed the rest of the day watching whales and checking out Maui. What a great way to start your day! Here are a few of my favorites: