Cool Atlanta

Published On: January 25, 2016


I recently took the time to further expand my photographic ideas plus techniques, and made the trek back to Atlanta Georgia for the 2016 Imaging USA PPA Convention.   First I must say it was cold! and boy was I not prepared for the cold (my weather app said would be in the 60″s).  I had brought cloth accordingly, and unfortunately it hovered around 40 the whole time.  Lucky, all the classes were held indoors at a great convention center in the Downtown district.  It was awesome as there were so many photographers from all around the country and plenty of fantastic speakers.  The one thing that happened that really let me know how blessed I am is that during one of the classes on business the speaker asked the class (about 150 people) to show by standing how many photographer had been in business over 5 years.  It was great to see well over half the class stand up.  Next she said “how about over 10 years” and about half sat down.  Then she said “over 15 years” and that left only a handful of us standing.  It really hit me at that moment – I have been so blessed to have been in business on Maui all these years, getting paid to be around happy people and to watch sunsets.  These are a few snaps of people, places, and friends:


Hurley, out of NY, speaking on Head shots for Canon during the trade show. I shoot Nikon but they were a no show!

Take OffLR

Flying back to Maui …very early in Dallas!


View out our rooms window


Cool fountains on way to getting breakfast

Fountain CloseLR

Loved the fountains


Yup. lots of photographers

Coffee BreakLR

Talking it over and sharing was the best


the three amigos-that’s me on the right with the “shaka” of course!