Day Off…Well Deserved

Published On: June 2, 2013

Ok … this week was busy for me: three major events to photograph plus working on 3 album designs as well as a large print order from a recent family sitting.  I had yesterday off, so to speak, with no photo assignments.  I must say that I truly  believe that there are no coincidences in life- so while jamming on my work something inside told me to stop working and go look outside.  The amazing sunset below was what I was treated too!   I am sure last night there were many Happy Maui couples that were mesmerized by the colors as it just kept on going and going.  Then this morning, just after getting up while having my morning cup of coffee I noticed the inter island canoe race taking off for Molokai.  Just then this awesome rainbow was blown over the mountains by the trades!  Good luck everyone as the channel is rough today.  I am truly thankful to have such an awesome job that helps me to see so many beautiful things!  Enjoy your day and Aloha-