Klemm Maui Family Gathering

Published On: April 4, 2016

Aloha Everyone … It’s another beautiful day in paradise.  The Klemm families were recently here on Maui from California.  To say the least, we had a fun filled morning of family pictures.  Alden’s dad was in charge of entertainment and managed to keep Emma, his granddaughter, at her best.  Enjoy this selection of images …

Klemm_014RTklemm_0019klemm_0034klemm_0045klemm_0153klemm_0159 copyklemm_0166RTklemm_0146klemm_0227klemm_0190klemm_0218klemm_0243RTklemm_0253klemm_0247klemm_0249klemm_0281RTklemm_0297Aklemm_0330RTklemm_0331Klemm_310R