Maldives Surf Trip 2016

Published On: October 23, 2016

Aloha and Mahalo for checking me out,

I was finally able to take another surf trip this past September with my best mates from Maui, New Zealand, and Australia!  My daughter (she’s so awesome…I know all dads say that) recently graduated from the University of Oregon in Eugene with a BS Degree in Public Relations.   She then landed a fantastic internship position at Edelman Communications & Marketing Firms Portland  office.  Why am I telling you this?  I now have no more “out of state college tuition” to cover so I get to go surfing 🙂 .  We stayed at “Pasta Point” in the Maldives which is about a hours fast boat ride from Male which is the capitol city and airport. It has a first class left reef point break, that is exclusive to that atoll, and 3 other world class breaks within a 15 minute boat ride.  My friends and I had an amazing trip with great surf every day and it was so relaxing staying on this small island atoll.   Thanks to poor cell service and slow internet speeds we had a total disconnect from our usual worlds.  Here are some images from the surfing part of our trip.  We also spent some time in Singapore and I’ll post pix from that extraordinary city in another blog.  The first two are of me surfing:

9p7a1426a9p7a4612Relaxing in the morning getting ready to head out9p7a5901Cool shoot by Dara of me paddling back out after catching a wave.  The ocean is so full of life there.



Our resting place.

maldives16_0047maldives16_0048The steps that lead out to the reef access point.maldives16_0051Way Cool!!maldives16_0066

Lots of weather down there which made for some really moody light and cool moments.maldives16_0115

My Maldivian mates Ashley (owns the surf camp), Mikie, and Dara.maldives16_0189Surf and relax … doesn’t get any better! maldives16_0209If you are here with family it has a great beach too.maldives16_0252

Overview of Pasta Point left.maldives16_0296More pix of the cool clouds and when it rained it poured!!maldives16_0300maldives16_0323maldives16_0326maldives16_0414Some of the crew chilling in the evening before dinner.maldives16_0420-editAlohamaldives16_0422