Maui Paradise Wedding-It can rain, and then again not!

Published On: November 4, 2014


First off, I love it that Juan took out a Personal Ad in our local Maui News for Lindsey.  Ladies, you have to like that.  Maui weather is generally very cooperative with wedding events.  On this day Mother Nature had other ideas and threw us all a curve.   This is one of two events I had that day, and I must say you really never know what the weather will be doing or for how long.  Needless to say_ it was wet.  We had finished the ceremony, cake, and toast portion of the shoot when the groom said “lets head out to a another beach” which was a real roll of the dice as light was fleeting.  Lindsey was also game so we hopped into my car and off we went.  Now here is the funny thing.  Usually, when bad weather is upon us, its clear in Kaanapali and wet up north, but this day was special for JUAN & LINDSEY.  It was a 15 minute ride to Kapalua, and magically it had stopped raining up there. Even crazier was the fact that there was even a bit of a sunset!  It was almost dark, but we went for it and they were rewarded with fantastic images.

Enjoy and Aloha,